Sunday, November 7, 2010

Light Prayer

głosom, które mnie prowadzą

Split the darkness we’re crawling through; strike the hesitation that lies within.

Calculation and maintenance are selfish rules. The facts are bending – eliminate your expectations.

I search for my true self, who’s gathering the buds of the future we must turn to.
I grab that hand to the tomorrow that light shines on, taking along my shadow.
I’m sure that in the cold and dark rain, someone is saving us,
So if we connect the parallel lines, they’ll become a wheel and change into light.

If I make a sound, I’ll slip away from the world. This mass of SOS calls exhausts me.

Reality and the future are so close they’re getting out of focus. I can still stretch out my hand, searching for the answer.

Inside the buds of the future we must turn to, if you try listening carefully,
They’re praying for light and waiting in a world we haven’t seen yet, softly carrying their unease.
I’m sure that even if I get tired someday and want to erase everything, your voice will call me back.

Hey, try looking closely. If the wind’s direction changes a little, the weather clears.
To the sign, to the tomorrow it points to, we can stagger on.
I’m sure that there’s a small light just past this distorted world.
It’s not an Eden where everything is granted, but you’re here.
The wind is gently pushing at my back. (Ah, my self from up until yesterday is pushing at my back.)
Yes, once we connect the ends of the parallel lines, they’ll become a wheel of light.


Niosącemu światło. Jego Słudze, Twarzom tegoż i sobie.

oraz wybranym.

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